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The fuel automation system developed by EKOSİS TEKNOLOJİ connects the fuel pumps in your stations or construction sites to the FUEL AUTOMATION control system , allowing you to monitor and control the fuel consumption of your vehicles and customers online . This fuel pump automation system optimizes your fuel management processes and increases operational efficiency.

Thanks to the customer recognition system integrated with the system, you can define different priorities and privileges for your vehicles and customers. This feature increases customer satisfaction and also allows you to manage your operational processes more effectively.

You can get detailed reports about sales and stock information with extensive reporting and filtering options . This allows you to better analyze your fuel consumption and availability and more accurately predict your future needs. You can increase the efficiency and profitability of your business with the fuel automation system .

Fuel pump automation system

  • Main Features of FUEL AUTOMATION Control System

    Pump Compatibility: The system can operate smoothly with any automation compatible pump.

    Vehicle and Customer Identification: Any number of vehicles and customers can be identified with the card readers on the pump.

    Instant Sales Record: All sales are instantly recorded in the database.

    Theoretical Stock Tracking: In places without tank automation, the amount of remaining fuel can be monitored instantly with theoretical stock tracking.

    Integration with Tank Automation: The system works integrated with tank automation and stops the pumps by being aware of the water increases that may occur in the tanks. In this way, damage to fueled vehicles is prevented.

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